Delissa Needham

Delissa & TV

Award Winning Executive Producer

Ive worked in TV for over 25 years working with world famous  names like Colin Firth and Graham Norton.  

I learnt my trade in iconic indies like Rapido TV (Eurotrash) and Planet 24 (Big Breakfast) before going on to work for Uden Associates. 

From there I set up my own production company Unicorn TV in partnership with Noel Edmonds's company Unique TV, before moving to commissioning for the History Channel. 

Ive worked across all genres in both terrestrial and digital networks and Ive produced programmes that increased viewing figures by 2000%.  

As Executive Producer on Matt Damons The People Speak I worked with an amazing cast of A list actors including Sir Ben Kingsley, Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, and Sir Ian McKellen